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Both of my parents grew up a few blocks from the Atlantic ocean. They lived three thousand miles apart, in different countries, and in different cultures. When they met in 1955, there was so much that separated them. Language, religion, social class. They met at a party held in a boating club by the sea. They danced and started dating. They learned each other’s language. They married and had four kids, six grandchildren, lived in seven countries, and just celebrated 59 years of marriage!

What they have always had in common was their upbringing near an ocean. They love fresh crabs and lobster and most seafood, they love the sun, sand and surf. Our family vacations were always at or near a beach. Visiting the grandparents on both sides meant we were going to the beach.

Obviously, I come by my love of flip flops naturally. Flip flops, sandals, thongs, flops, jories, slappies, step-ins. <a href=”http://catalogue.flipflopshop.us/flip-flop-shop-blog/flip-flops-name/”>Flip flops by any other names are still flip flops</a>. In my family, flip flops were considered necessary footwear.

I started this website after spending some time looking around online for cool flip flops and flip flop themed items. I thought it would be great to be able to browse a large collection of flip flop home decor and flip flop earrings and flip flops made of hemp or leather, pink polka dot flip flops or red flip flops or gold flip flops or 4th of July flip flops – all in one location.

So, this site is a flip flop catalogue.

I update weekly so there will always be new items to discover or a new article in the Flip Flop Blog to read. The hundreds of flip flop items are sorted into categories to make it easier to browse. The categories are on the right column. There is a search box in the upper right on every page. A sitemap lists all the posts and pages on one page. I hope you find it easy and fun to browse or find specific items. I tried hard to keep everything as simple as possible.

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