40 Flip Flop Quotes and Sayings That Will Cheer You Up.

40 Flip Flop QuotesIf you are like me, thinking of flip flops makes you think of summer and sunshine and the beach. Relaxation. Vacation. Happy memories. Flip flops distract you from your troubles and put a smile on your face. With that in mind, I have gathered a list of 40 fabulous flip flop quotes and sayings to help set the mood. So kick back and relax and have a flip flop kinda day!

I was born in platform heels. I actually always fall down when I’m wearing flip flops.
~ Eva Longoria

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.
~Kellie Elmore

My advice is to write in the nude. Unless you do your writing in a public restroom, and in that case, I’d recommend wearing flip flops.
~ Jarod Kintz, Who Moved My Choose?

I blew out my flip-flop, Stepped on a pop-top
~ Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville Lyrics

Flip-flop, hippety-hop, offa your rocker and over the top, life’s a fiction and the world’s a
lie, so put on some Creedence and let’s get high.
~ Stephen King, The Drawing of the Three

I really wish I had invented the flip-flop. I love flip-flops. It’s the one style of shoe I
would be so proud of inventing: the Havaiana.
~ Christian Louboutin

Papa needs a new pair of flip-flops.
~ Will & Grace, Where There’s a Will, There’s No Way (1998)

Unlike bathing suits, flip flops fit every year.

Flip flops – not just an accessory, it’s a way of life.

Home is where you park your flip flops.

Get in a flip flop state of mind.

Flip flops are the glass slippers of the South.

Wear flip flops and pretend it is summer.

Flip flop till you drop!

Sometimes you flip, sometimes you flop.

Flip flops make your toes feel like they are on vacation.

Anything worth doing is worth doing in flip flops.

Work would be a happier place if only I could wear my flip flops.

Sunshine and flip flops are my happy place.

Live life in flip flops.

Keep calm and wear flip flops.

Keep calm and carry flip flops.

I wasn’t made for winter
Give me my flip flops.

It’s a flip flop kind of day.

If I can’t wear my flip flops, then I am not going!

Flip Flops don’t count when he says you have too many shoes.

Dear Lord, Let this be a flip flop day.

If Dorothy can click her heels together and get to Kansas then why can’t I click my flip flops 
together and get to the beach?

May you flip flop through life with joy and kindness in your step.

Life is short
Buy the flip flops.

Just walk a day in my flip flops.

Keep your knight in shining armor

I’ll take a nerd in flip flops any day.

It’s a flip flop season.

With the right flip flops you can do anything!

Bury me with my flip flops on!

Don’t make me slap you with my flip flop!

It’s hard to be pretentious in flip flops.

So many flip flops. So little time.