300 Shades of Pink Flip Flops!

pink flip flops

Are you looking for pink flip flops? Pink is a very popular color choice for summer footwear. Hues of pink vary from a bluish red, which is close to purple and the common pinks that are shades of red, white and magenta. Did you know that the color Pink is a scientific mystery? it does […]

Flip Flops By Any Other Name….

flip flops by any other name

How did flip flops get their name? The answer is quite simple. Flip flops are typically flat, made of rubber, backless, and have a thong between the first two toes to secure the shoe to your foot. As you walk, the flip flop shoe or slipper slaps your heel. The slapping makes a sound – […]

10 Songs With Flip Flops In The Lyrics

Ten Songs With Flip Flops In The lyrics

Are flip flops mentioned in song lyrics? Yes. Though the open-toed, backless sandal has not always been called a flip flop, this type of shoe has existed for thousands of years. Thong sandals are likely the oldest type of footwear, dating back to 4,000 BC Egypt. ¬†In the 1960’s, these sandals¬†became known as ‘flip-flops’. The […]

Top Ten Flip Flops for Spring and Summer of 2014


This undying winter is FINALLY over!! YAY YAY!!! Bring on the warmer Spring and Summer. Leave those snow boots and heavy shoes in a corner and bring out the Flip Flops! I know my feet are gonna be sooooooo happy! Needing new Flip Flops this year? There are thousands of styles and hundreds of brands […]